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Published March 13, 2013 by anamariafeliciano

The experience that I have with my Deviant art account is that I can post art work that I have done and be able to show to people and that I use it to see other people’s art work as well and being able to comment and favorite the picture that you like and the reason I choose this because I enjoy looking at other people’s art work and be inspired by their art. Deviant art is way to show art and express it and also you can sell prints on Deviant art and the one thing I enjoy using deviant art and also you can create your on artwork as well on Deviant Art and also you can make post Journals and tell the artists what you have been up to with your art work.


The Pros Of Deviant Art is that you can post artwork and also can post digital artwork and being able to let people to comment like for example if you create something in Photoshop you can post it on Deviant art and people can comment on what you made in Photoshop. Another pros of Deviant art is it can help you get ideas for a Art Project and it sometimes it inspires you by the artist that made the art work and posted it. Pros of Deviant is always gets the artist to show the art and show to other people on Deviant.

The Cons of deviant art is the other types of art work that people post sometimes and it makes you feel uncomfortable and not into that artist’s work. Another Cons is that you can certain member ships and sometimes it makes you give out information and the artist wants to keep it to their selves.


Deviant art is always a good way to be inspired with your art. 


Here is the link   (DeviantArt link) 

Here is the link (DeviantArt youtube) 



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