Twitter assignment for social media class

Published March 27, 2013 by anamariafeliciano

Whibty station Gallery tweet

I chose to follow on twitter was the Whitby station gallery and i tweeted them questions and asking what was their favorite piece of artwork and asking them 10 questions and seeing what tweets they would tweet me and i really enjoyed tweeting them on twitter and with the tweets that i would send to the gallery and one of my favorite tweets was when i asked them what was their favorite artists? And the tweet they replied back was well there many artists from the past and it was hard to choose and they also asked me which was my favorite artist I liked and it tweeted that I liked Pablo Picasso and it was a lot of fun tweeting and asking them about their favorite artists, paintings they liked and it was a conversation to talk about art and it was great experience to tweet to the Whitby station Gallery and with this  i gained 10 followers on twitter and tweeting about art was good and I enjoyed  and it was a great way to ask them anything about art and hopefully I will continue to tweet them and ask them about artists they enjoy and paintings they like and this assignment was fun to do and getting 10 followers on twitter was awesome as well and this what I did for my twitter assignment was to follow the Whitby station gallery on twitter.


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