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Published March 4, 2017 by anamariafeliciano

Hello everyone just wanted to let you know that i have instagram now and i will posting some artworks on there which i already have posted couple of them already so here is the link




Bye everyone





Update/big news coming soon

Published February 17, 2017 by anamariafeliciano

Hello everyone just thought i would a quick update since i haven’t done one in a long time now anywas for starters i wanted to this because i am going to be doing something exciting soon not to sure when i will be starting but i will do an update on that  so as may already know that i love doing art and i am still making paintings and posting them on my Art page and also i have been thinking of expanding it more of my artworks so yeah can’t wait to that and yeah anyways bye everyone




Ana-Maria Feliciano

Quick update

Published November 22, 2016 by anamariafeliciano

Hello everyone it’s been a  very long time since  i haven’t posted anything  not sure when it was the last time anyways lots of things happened so in my about page metioned i was in my last year of college and afte that i graduated and when to university for 1 whole year which was alot of fun and now i am currently not in school but i have been making art and creating things and i have an art page and i also have other social media accounts which  i use right now so yeah anywyas just decided to do an update bye everyone have a great week





A quick update

Published August 1, 2014 by anamariafeliciano

Hello everyone sorry i haven’t done anything laltely i just been enjoying the summer weather anyways the last post i did was when i did the art history journal blog which i haven’t posted anything on it latley but i will try and post some new artists and stuff so this is just a quick update






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Hello everyone sorry i haven’t been posting anything just been kinda enjoying my summer vacation since i am already done school and  graduating in 13days so i am realyl excited and yeah you can all still check out my tumblr blogs which are still avalbile to look and follow me on tubmlr as well and pinterest which is and twitter as well 




have an awesome weekend 




Art history Jounral Blog

Published March 20, 2014 by anamariafeliciano

Hello everyone Ana here , i finally finsihed my art history blog this week and it looks awesome and  sorry i haven’t been posting anything i have been very busy with stuff but anyways here is the link and check it out =)


have a great week and weekend